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Trench Talk


Trench Talk

All photos from Art of the Trench.

Will there ever be a good time for this look? Darn it, Dubai.

How to Wear Harem Pants

Wearing harem pants can seem awfully daunting. This is one of those trends you either love or hate. A growing number of retailers however, are doing away with the dropped crotch part of harem pants, so they’re more wearable. Now they look more like Jasmine (in Aladdin) pants and can have a lovely, breezy bohemian vibe if worn right. They’re also perfect for the summer- not clingy, airy and fabulously comfy!


If you’re apprehensive about trying this trend, your best bet would be to pick a black or brown pair- nothing too eclectic. Pair with a brightly colored tank, and add a statement piece of jewelry. You can also accessorize with an ethnic mirror belt, a stack of beaded bracelets, bangles or a big, brightly colored cocktail ring. Pair with flats that take off from the color of your main accessory.
Alternatively, you could pair black harem pants with a basic white tank and add a brightly colored shawl.


For a less bohemian and more glammed up look, try teaming a black pair of harem pants with a basic black strapless top. Tuck this in, and add bright, classic accessories. Extra style points for a cross body bag! (It’s my little obsession) Substitute flats for a fabulous pair of heels.

What do you think? Do you own a pair of harem pants? What do you wear with yours?

In other news, Bebhinn from the fantastic Hellwafashion has a nice little write-up about me. I’m excited!

5 and A Half Things

I know I shouldn’t be walking into every store that has a SALE banner. I know and I’m trying. I’ve listed 5 things that I really REALLY want, and these 5 things are all Im going to consider buying. Bye bye impulse buys. You’ve gotten the better of me for far too long now.

1. The Plaid Shirt Rihanna

I’ve always loved plaid. Such a huge trend right now, and there are so many ways to wear it! You can either:
- Wear it as it is, buttoned up. So chic paired with skinny jeans and some great flats.Sienna Miller
- Wear it as a jacket, completely unbuttoned or half- unbuttoned with a tank top.
- Wear it as a jacket again, but paired with a another jacket on top, so the print peeks out.

2. Oxfords

I never thought I’d be part of the oxford wearing bandwagon. However, I saw them on Marta of the lovely blog, With Love… and I absolutely adore them now! I’m a huge fan of her style, and she wears these so well! Im definitely game for getting me a pair.

3. A REALLY GOOD Cross Body Bag

Simple, no fuss and hands-free. What’s not to love?

4. Boyfriend Blazer

Nicky Hilton

I simply cant find a piece in stores that I like enough to buy. Although I’m not in any hurry since we in Dubai are likely to face the wrath of summer for a long long time to come.

5. Striped T

An easy, breezy striped tee. Good for summer and great for layering through fall.

5 1/2. Navy Blue Nailpolish

Navy blue nails are set to be a huge trend for fall, and I can’t wait to try this out. Matt nail polish finishes are all the rage these days too. I can’t imagine how they look IRL, though.

I know we’ve all been sucker to the SALES at some point, so how do you curb your shopping? Also, what’s on your To Covet List? Do share!

All featured product details here.

Dubai Stylista on The Glamourous Grad Student!


I’ve been lucky to score a guest post over at A.’s super fabulous blog, The Glamourous Grad Student, for the delightful City Chic Series. I do a piece on Dubai, and talk about what to pack, what to see and other random things- from the best cupcakes in town, to the top 3 thrift stores. Check it out and don’t forget to offer your own advice!

10 Fashion & Beauty Tips You’ll Love to Try

Images: Corbis

Every once in a while, it’s refreshing to mix things up and bit and try something new. Some of the tips in this list may not be new to you, and some of them may be things you never considered doing. Either way, its fun to change up your usual routine! Here are 10 Fashion and Beauty Tips that are totally worth trying:


 Wear two watches. Seriously. It’s such fun to stack up chunky bangles and multiple time pieces!

 Colored sunglasses frames add a nice pop of color to liven up any plain old outfit. Forever 21 has tons of options to choose from including playful heart shaped frames.

 Intertwine two contrasting colored scarves for a brand new look! Experiment with different prints and textures.

 Wear bright, bold accessories; a big cocktail ring or earrings in an exotic color, like turquoise, or a statement necklace.

 Update your wardrobe and reinvent your look! Try a little DIY project on clothes you don’t wear anymore. Click here for CheapChicDaily’s DIY Ripped Jeans project and here for Jenni’s Zipper T-shirt DIY.


 Use your tub of vaseline as mascara for a totally natural, easy, fuss- free look.

 Want to rock a red-toned shade of lipstick, but still a bit apprehensive?  Try MAC’s tinted lip conditioner in Plum Perfect for a gorgeous color and an amazing moisturizing effect that doesn’t seem too ‘out- there’.

 Use a cheek stain instead of blush for a nice, natural flush. Both Benefit and The Body Shop do great stains.

 Spray heat protection spray on your hair brush and then run it through for even coverage. Also try spraying your favorite perfume on your brush for hair that smells as good as it looks!

 Mix a bit of shimmer powder with your usual moisturizer for subtle sparkle. I particularly love Palmer’s Cocoa butter; its easily absorbed and smells good enough to eat!

What are your fashion or beauty tips and tricks? Do Share!

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The Statement Necklace

Jessica Szohr, Jessica Biel and Whitney Port 
Images: (From left);

Is it just me, or have you seen anyone who’s everyone wearing statement necklaces these days? Chunky, bejewelled and thoroughly embellished, statement jewelry- necklaces in particular, is all the rage these days and it’s really not hard to see why. I love how Jessica Szohr wears hers. A grey tee and black shorts combo is instantly taken to the next level with a fantastic piece- a casual look that turns chic and sophisticated with just one accessory! And of course, the shoes are great too. The most popular style seems to be the ‘bib necklace’. Paired with a low- key outfit, it’s a great way to make your look a whole lot dressier.

There are some fabulous options over at Forever 21 and it’s accessory-based sister store, For Love 21. Here are a few pictures from the website of the necklaces spotted at either store. There were some other very pretty ones that I saw in person as well. Unfortunately, those pictures are not up online.

Forever 21 Stone Drape NecklaceForever 21 Braided Rhinestone ChokerForever 21 Tribal Leaves Necklace

 What do you think? Would you consider wearing a statement necklace?

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